Nomadic rugs and carpets

The nomadic people used to have only small looms, on which their carpets were knotted or woven. For bigger carpets small stripes were sewn together. Big carpets were made to cover the ground and to protect from the cold. They are dark coloured and called dulchir ("bearskin") because of their high pile. Until now we could not afford any for our collection. There is another kind of carpet called ghiliam with a lower pile which was also made to be hung onto the walls or into the doorway. We have two of these. 

Apart from rugs an carpets the nomads produced of course more knotted material mainly for decorative purposes. There is a photo of a decorative band an of a camel head dress.

Tent bands are made to fix the sheets of felt to the wooden frame of the yurt. They are normally woven (not knotted) with a more simple pattern, whereas the sophisticated ones are for the decoration of the inside. We want to show you both of them. There are also kelims which are made of pieces of such bands. We own a very beautiful one.
nrug1kl.jpg nrug2kl.jpg nrug3kl.jpg nrug4kl.jpg
carpet doorway carpet kelim tent band
nrug 8nrug9nrug10nrug11
decorative band
tent band
nrug5kl.jpg nrug6kl.jpg nrug7kl.jpg nrug7kl.jpg
camel head dress decorative tent band decorative bandkelim
nrug13 kelim
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