The napramach

The napramach is a tent bag with a knotted front and two (sometimes partly) knotted sides, whereas the bottom and back of it are of a simple woven cloth. There are many different names for this kind of rug. In other areas of turkoman population and in Iran a bag of this style is called mafrash with a variety of spellings. The name napramach (or napramatsch) is used by a greater part of the uzbekian population, but there are also varieties as mapramatsch, mepremetsch, and napratsch

A nomadic household has to have at least two of them, where the personal belongings of the women kept. They were exposed during the marriage ceremony, so that the bride was eager to show her skill in the production of it. Later there were also embroidered ones, which were easier to make. Among the embroidery of our collection you will find an example for this. The habit of exposing a napramach in the household was kept up by the sedentary people; in this case it is often used as a covering of a wooden box.

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