A Complete Napramach. 

This is what a napramach originally looks like. It's a nomadic bag, hence it's name. The front and the two sides are knotted, the back and the bottom are made of simple but strong woven cloth. It would make no sense having the latter two knotted because the back sits against the horse or camel during transport and the bottom allows the bag to be put on the floor. They are subject to intense wear and thus could be replaced easily. The knotted parts with their typical patterns are made to be visible and to show the craft skills of the women in the household.

Approx. size: 82 x 19 x 36 cm.

Bags are no longer in use in a non-nomadic household. So the bottom and the back are no longer there which leaves a nice little woven carpet. Nevertheless they are still very much appreciated. Having two napramach is the pride of an Uzbek household.
The empty complete napramach.
The napramach stuffed. Two sticks are put though the lugs, a rope secures the contents and keeps the bag shut.
Seen from above.
The back side.